Serving the North Shore Area

Psychoeducational evaluations are very thorough and comprehensive evaluations that cover the areas of functioning noted below, and use the latest versions of standardized instruments, as well as informal measures when appropriate. The reports of evaluation findings are extremely thorough and are written in language that can be understood by both parents and educators.  Additionally, the purpose of these evaluations is not only to address the concerns given by parents, teachers, and students, but also to identify the examinees’ strengths.  Parents, children, and adolescents generally find the evaluation process a positive one.  Children and adolescents very often enjoy the one-on-one time spent with a caring adult and hearing about their strengths.

Over one-half of the evaluation reports consist of specific strategies that address the examinees weaknesses, and capitalize on their strengths when appropriate. 


Dr. Thorne has received positive feedback on her evaluations for many years.  They have been called a “road map” for how to get children/adolescents/young adults from point “stuck” or “failure” to point “managed” and “successful.”  Parents and students leave the sessions feeling encouraged and hopeful.  They have a better understanding of their children or adolescents.  Furthermore, families who have experienced conflict and disagreements due to their child’s struggling performance in school often leave the final feedback session feeling like they have a new, in depth understanding of their child, and that they are finally “on the same page.” With regard to family dynamics, the evaluation process is frequently a healthy experience for all.